Diabetic's Care​

What is Disabled Care?

Diabetes is a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin resulting in high blood sugar. Well-managed, diabetes can simply mean adapting diet and medication and monitoring blood sugar levels. However, without effective management, diabetes can spiral into a wide variety of debilitating and even life-threatening conditions. Nishan Home Care can help you get your diabetes under control, to regain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Our skilled home care nursing staff will educate you and your family about medications and how to administer them.
The nurse will teach you on the signs/symptoms and how to treat hyperglycemia (too high blood glucose level) and hypoglycemia (too low blood glucose level).
Our nurses will provide instructions on a healthy diet low in concentrated carbohydrates and sweets and the importance of regular aerobic exercise to lower the blood sugar.
They will also instruct on the importance on regular foot exams to avoid complications of diabetes.

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